How Transportation is getting Uberized in India...

Let me start with a rhetorical question ,  Can Transportation industry in India get Uberized? When we see the transport landscape in India today it is largely fragmented. There are small individual truck operators and also  fleet owners that provide cargo services. Then there are industries and other institutions that use the services of these truckers for last mile deliveries. When we talk of Uberization it is about connecting network ecosystem between those who own trucks for hire and those who need a ride.
Some of the numbers pertaining to the trucking industry are absolutely mind-boggling. The trucking industry is worth nearly $130 billion but is still a highly fragmented. There are nearly 60 lac trucks of different sizes plying on the roads any given time everyday on road but still it is not organized. Trucking industry which lacks proper information, relies on outdated systems , information flaws , GPS which is only working as locator but of help to only transporter who lack in communicating to user. In real-time; there are no assurances on delivery , communication , return loads and no optimization of truck space.  All this has a impact on building overheads   for transporters which he recovers from the user . That is where Mytrux with its capability to own the entire trucking and transporting experience and delivering value addition comes into picture.

First, understanding Trucking versus Transportation...

In his landmark management piece, “Marketing Myopia”, the author Theodore Levitt had pointed out that railroads in the US went out of business because they believed that they were in the business of connecting places. Actually they were in the business of moving people. It was this basic lack of focus on the customer that led to the demise of the railroads in the US. There are many interesting lessons for the transport industry in India. The trucking industry in India is based on the premise that they need to move cargo , but their role is to provide a complete transport experience. That is where  “Mytrux” with transporting experience will create impact.
Transportation here refers to creating the entire trucking ecosystem. Firstly, it has to be efficient & economical  meaning both truck operators and the customers should be able to get visibility on availability at optimal pricing. This can only be done through on-demand trucking, fully loaded trucks and virtually assured return loads. Secondly, the process has to be seamless and transparent where in “Mytrux”  brings transporter,  truck driver, customer and the broker under a seamless and transparent ecosystem functioning as an aggregator for all. Thirdly, it has to be customized to the unique needs and preferences of each individual class of customer as one size does not fit all.  The client wants to ensure maximum value at best price  , fleet operator needs constant access and update on his movement, the truck driver needs a user friendly environment without complications , all these can be achieved within the “Mytrux” created virtual ecosystem for trucking.
Trucking purely focuses on the movement of goods & Transportation is the future where the entire ecosystem of trucking is tweaked to make it more efficient, profitable, seamless and user-friendly. It is in this space that “Mytrux has positioned itself wherein we see ourselves, not only as adaptive to the future of the trucking industry, but also as the inventors of the future of the transportation  in India.

Why Uberization is waiting to happen in Trucking?

As the trucking industry shifts from transporting goods to giving a transportation experience, Uberization is waiting to happen. Let us look at the structure of the trucking industry in India wherein nearly 85% of the truck operators have a fleet of up to 10 trucks & Only 10% have up to 25 trucks with just about 5% have up to 50 trucks. For the vast majority of truck operators owning up to 10 trucks the key considerations are full load, return load, optimal pricing, perpetual demand fills and real time and comprehensive command over the entire trucking operation.

This Uberization of trucking in India is being facilitated by “Mytrux online trucking ecosystem for truck owners, customers and drivers to share a common platform where the entire business of transportation of cargo can be conducted in a transparent, efficient, optimal and profitable manner.

Driver as a Human Capital which is ignored till date will have a value & can start experiencing what is BETTER LIFE.

Uberization helps define customers in a broader sense...
The biggest advantage of Uberization as we see is that it helps us define the customer in a much broader sense. In the current context, each segment of the business has a very discrete approach to customer engagement. What Mytrux” is trying to achieve through the Uberization of trucking is to provide a holistic approach to customer engagement.
The truck drivers get updates and instructions in colloquial language that makes it easy for them to comprehend and implement ,  process of reporting is also designed to make it simple for users. For the fleet operators, registering on “ Mytrux ” gives them an access to a wide range of customers and much greater chances of running full loads on their trucks. For the clients who use the trucking service, this platform provides choice and the facility to choose the best service and the most economical route. That makes planning and budgeting a far simpler exercise. For individual truck operators, this platform provides an efficient and simple way to enhance their business. It also helps brokers in the freight business get a more stable online support system and enables them to focus on providing value added services to customers. Thus “Mytrux is facilitating the Uberization of the trucking business by making the platform agnostic towards each class of customers and ensuring that the interests of each of the customer sets are taken care of. It therefore depends on the robustness of the network,  integrity of the model as well as the simplicity of technology used. It is in exactly this unique space that “Mytrux” is making a difference in a highly fragmented trucking industry. 
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