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Smart Transport is integral to an efficient and effective logistics eco-system. It is hard to define Smart Transport but Ernst & Young offers a definition of Smart Transport that is fairly close to reality. 
“Smart Transport is technology enabled and demonstrates inter-connectivity. The members of a smart transport network can not only communicate with each other but also seek responses, send signals and effectively use big data to provide smart transport solutions" 

There are obviously 3 essential features of a Smart Transport System:

·         Think: A smart transport system needs to be properly envisaged and thought through so that it addresses the core transport need and also throws up gigabytes of data that can be mined for making the transport solution smarter and slicker. The Smart Transport system needs to be endowed with the ability to handle the traffic and the complexities of the transport system well into the future.
·         Act; Implementation is the key to a Smart Transportation system. Firstly, the smart transportation should be designed keeping the cost in focus so that the returns can be derived over a period of time at a reasonable price. Secondly, the Smart Transportation system needs to be scalable in a linear fashion so that future demand does not call for a radical restructuring of the core system. Lastly, the implementation should ensure that it is adaptable to technological change.
·         Connect: This is what actually makes the Transport System smart. A connected transport system is one that throws critical data points at different nodes of the transport system. It also seeks feedback from the different nodes and also has an auto-response mechanism designed to make the system a continuous learning mechanism that is constantly improving.
Smart transport systems normally have a wide definition. They pertain to smart cities, they pertain to export hubs and they also pertain to metros with a growing population. This blog focuses less on the civil transport and more on the transport of goods. The focus is on multi-modal transport connectivity that leverages on data and a rapid response mechanism to fine tune the Smart Transport system to its highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. At mytrux the focus has been to create a smart transport Eco-system that brings buyers and sellers of space on a single platform. Mytrux is not a traditional trucking company. On the contrary, it is a transport facilitator which largely leverages on the power of an agnostic platform, innovative use of technology and a smart communication DNA.

Post load, Post truck
The following are the key components of the mytrux Smart Transport idea:

·         Creation of a Smart Transport Navigator

Mytrux has focused its energies on putting in place a smart transport navigator. The platform is agnostic and has been conceived with the smallest denominator of the trucking industry in mind. Owners of trucking space and users of trucking space can come together on this platform and find the optimal route and service. The smart navigator enables the user to compare competing services on a variety of parameters and take a decision. This navigator is the core of the Mytrux offering.

·         Managing a mobile interface effectively…

The transport navigator is one part of the story. The bigger challenge is to address the specific needs of truckers with different levels of literacy and technology sophistication. The mobile interface at mytrux has been simplified to be usable in a short time with the most basic smart phone device. Mobile device compatibility also makes the platform highly robust and time sensitive. This adds to the value of this smart transport platform.

·         On demand transport data to the user and the provider…

If technology is the cutting edge then timely data is the king as far as the mytrux platform is concerned. A trucker who leases out his asset knows perfectly well how his trucks are being utilized and what is the slack time. This enables flexibility and quick decision making. The user of the truck service can know where his goods are held up, time required, alternate solutions etc. Since the data is updated on a real time basis by the actual truck operator, the platform throws up near real-time information to take more meaningful decisions.
·         Integrating multi-modal transport providers…
This is a big challenge in the transport industry. The movement of goods is not just through one mode of transport. There could be a shipping transport up to the port, a rail transport up to the warehouse and finally road transport for the last mile delivery. These are discrete objects and therefore integration becomes a challenge. That is where the mytrux smart transport solution comes in handy. It integrates multi-modal transport into a single platform and gives a holistic view to the user of space and for the lender of space.

·         Catalyst for communication and integration of knowledge…

That is a key role that mytrux plays. It goes beyond pure data bytes and translates them into actionable information and knowledge on both sides of the transport spectrum. The advantage of this Smart Transport platform is the rapid and near real-time integration of data from multiple sources to create actionable inputs for users and the lenders of the transport service. There is also a robust information sharing mechanism in a simple and unambiguous manner so that cross fertilization of data can help better decisions.
Mytrux is not exactly a transport service provider, but it is a smart transport solution provider. The platform has integrated the power of data, technology and connectivity to translate gigabytes of data into useful and actionable information. It is a non-physical Smart Transport System that is intended to give the best value for both ends of the transport spectrum.


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